Four Days..

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Myself (left) and Lois (right) enjoying fruity drinks @ Hickory’s, Chester.

There’s only 4 days left until I set off on my Au Pair adventure in London, and to be completely honest, I don’t feel anything but nervous right now. I know I’m supposed to be at least a little bit excited because I’m ‘going to have the time of my life’ and it could possibly be ‘the best decision I’ve ever made’ but packing up your life and moving into a strangers house is a big deal!

Luckily, I met my host family not long after our first Skype session and they were lovely. I went to stay with them for the weekend, which was easy enough as I only live 2 hours away on the train. That sounds silly – 2 hours away from home and I’m this nervous.

As this is my first time Au Pairing I’ve had to rely on other peoples blogs in order to actually know how to prepare for such an experience. I’ve read what questions to ask your host families / what not to ask – including the answers you should receive to make sure they’re the right host family for you. I’ve read lists of clothing and essentials I should be taking with me and even with all my blog searching, I still feel completely unprepared.

I know that I’ll basically be living in jeans or leggings and t-shirts and jumpers – so I spent over £200 in Primark on ‘comfy’ clothes. I already had 2 pairs of Dr Martens but I bought an extra pair just in case and today I’ve been shopping in Chester for toiletries and enough make-up to last me until Christmas (hopefully.)

I enjoyed spending one of my last days here with my sister and cousins, who are better than me at shopping for essentials. The three off them could walk round Superdrug with their eye closed and still pick up all the right items. Before they helped me shop, we went to Hickory’s down by the Canal.

I still have a few more day left in which I’m seeing family and friends to say goodbye. I can’t believe that it’s nearly the 29th August already – it felt like it was such a long way away but it’s arrived before I knew it. So crazy!

If you come across this post and happen to be an Au Pair or even someone who’s experienced moving cities or countries, then please comment and give me some words of wisdom.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Four Days..”

  1. Good luck! I was a nanny for four years, slightly different but I miss it loads! Amazing job, have fun with it! Don’t take it too seriously, just remember not all work lets you go to the park and have an ice cream!! 🙂 xx


  2. Hello! I’ve been an au pair in London for 5 months now. I LOVE it so much!!! It took me about 2 months to get into the swing of the job and be totally comfortable with the family … my mindset has changed immensely over the past 5 months.. my days are full of spontaneity and silliness. I look after a 2 yr old, 4 yr old and a new born. Plus clean… and do whatever else I’m asked to do! Look for the positives in every situation and smile!! You’ll learn so much while au pairing. And have an honest relationship with your family and try and ask them questions and be as respectful!! Xo goodluck! Where in London at you au pairing?

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    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your comment! I couldn’t have read this at a better time actually as i have just completed my first week here and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever faced. I have only come from Liverpool to London, so it technically isn’t that far but I have already suffered unbearable homesickness to the point where I thought I was only going to last a day! And the job itself if a lot more demanding that I first expected! I looked at Au Pairing as a short break from work but instead it is just as time consuming and demanding! I’m hoping that I’ll soon get into a routine and start getting more excited to experience London once the children go back to school!
      I am Au Pairing in Fulham! Where abouts are you? xx


      1. You’ll love it in a few months! I felt overwhelmed in the beginning and felt I took on top much responsibility. But now it’s still hard work but manageable and I have a natural rhythm and have figured out ways to do the job better. So you will to! Just will take some time. I almost got a job in Fulham! But I live in beckenham with my host family 🙂


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