Computer Says ‘No’ – (My night at the GQ Awards)

As far as Au Pairing went on Tuesday, I took the boys to an indoor play area called Gambado, which is popular in the area. I met one of my Nanny friends while her boys and mine enjoyed their last day of freedom before returning to school.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tuesday also brought the GQ Men of the Year awards 2016. The event was held at The New Tate Modern and it only took one tube (12 stops) to get there. Seeing a red carpet in real life, right in front of me, was INSANE! I was already full of adrenaline just waiting at a barrier while there were hardly any people there yet and security guards just standing about!


I watched as press gradually turned up and filled up the pens in front and there I met an American girl called Lauren. Lauren was funny, she didn’t even know what was going on, she just walked passed and saw something big was going on and stayed. I explained it all to her and she ended up seeing some Youtuber she loved and got a selfie with him. I was so made up for her!

As the night got darker and the carpet got busier, black cars and cabs started pulling up one by one as star after star arrived on the carpet. I was so excited, I ended up standing on a barrier until my feet felt like they were going to drop off.

Although I was only there in the hope of seeing James Corden (who didn’t end up being there) I still walked away with a video of me singing Freelove Freeway to David Brent himself, Ricky Gervais and a selfie with the amazing David Walliams.


The few people who were around me ended up being the best people, and as we stood there for hours at the barrier we started guessing who would be getting out of each car and deciding on which celebs were the rudest and we all felt just as awkward as each other when Ellie Goulding came over and seconds later Dougie Poynter followed her footsteps. Honestly, words can’t describe how unreal the night was. I was still coming down from a high on the tube home afterwards.

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