AHS Season 6: What we’ve learned so far.

Last night saw the return of the much anticiptated sixth season of American Horror Story, and after months of waiting, we finally found out the theme for our new story. Here’s what we learned from episode one of the new season.

This year, it looks like AHS is focussing on the historical story of the Roanoke Colony, also known as ‘The Lost Colony’. If you’re unfamiliar with the unexplainable story of the Roanoke Colony, it was a group of aprox. 115 colonists, in 1587, sent to establish a colony on Chesapeake Bay. They were led by John White, and when they fell on some hard times, they sent John back to England to report some of the struggles they had come accross. Unfortunetely, all 115 colonists went mysteriously missing and there has never been a solid explanation for what happend to them to this day. (That is an extremely brief and undetailed summary, of course. You can fill your boots here.)

Last nights premiere episode brought with it a whole new vibe. We’ve become so used a horror movie feel – a dramatic introduction from all our favourite actors, but this was something different. Episode one was calm and chilled out from the beginning. It has a new structure that the show has never tried before – a paranormal documentary series. A few minutes into the episode, I was starting to wonder if I was watching the right show or was I watching Channel 5’s, My Nightmare Neighbours Next Door. Of course I wasn’t wrong; Lily Rabe, series regular, was on the screen, so this was definetely the right show.


It was only when I really started to understand what was going on here, that I started to become extremely excited for what Murphy and Falchuk had created. The creators intention was for me to feel like I was watching a Channel 5 documentary and they pushed so hard for this reaction from the audience, that they didn’t even put in the opening credits. They cut the theme tune, that they have used for the past 5 years, out of the opening sequence and instead replaced it with a typical Documentary opening, a simple picture of a tree with the writing ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’. They even kept this running when they cut for intervals, dedicating themselves to the theme.


The episode opens with an interview from couple Shelby and Matt, portrayed by Lily Rabe and Andre Holland. They tell us the story of how, after Matt was attacked in the city, they pack their bags and move to Roanoke Island to start a new life. They spend all their savings on an old, and clearly haunted farmhouse. The episode continues as the couple inform us of the strange happenings in the house after they moved in. Although the story is being told my Rabe and Holland in an interview-style format, the actual drama is played out in front of us in reconstructions. So, charachters Shelby and Matt are also played by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Godding Jr, who you may remember worked alongside each other earlier this year in The People v. O.J Simpson: American Crime Story.

Ask any die-hard AHS fan, such as myself, what they most look forward to in a Season Premiere, this is what they’ll say: The Cast. American Horror Story is the one TV Show that has a beginning and an end to every season and still comes back next year with the same actors and every year it becomes more exciting to see which of our favourites are returning. In last nights episode we may have only seen a few of the characters that we’ll be following this season and the actors portraying them. Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Andre Holland, Cuba Gooding Jr, Angela Bassett, Chaz Bono and a glimpse of Kathy Bates are the few that we saw in the flesh last night. We didn’t need to worry though, as at the end of the episode, they graced us with those missing opening credits to inform us that this season will also star Denis O’Hare, Wes Bentley, Cheyanne Jackson and our all time favourite series regular, Evan Peters, will be here for his sixth season.

So, that’s all the information we have from from the opening episode and it’s looking pretty good to me. Hopefully next week we’ll meet the rest of our charchters and start seeing how this horror story is going to play out.



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