Top 6 Best Bits – Rom-Coms.

As a film fanatic it’s difficult to choose a favourite genre because there’s just so many good movies out there. I know that Titanic is my favourite film of all time, but that doesn’t mean that I love Drama-Romance or True Events films more than any other genre. (Although, I do get butterflies when I think of the upcoming release of Deepwater Horizon.) I do however have favourite moments.

From the Prime Minister dancing around Number 10, to fights in the street over who gets the girl, Romantic Comedies are always the go-to films for any situation – date night, girls night in or just some me time, here are my top 6 Rom-Com Moments of all time.

1 – Spike Eating the Mayonnaise (Notting Hill, 1999)

Everyone has a soft spot for Notting Hill. The Romantic Comedy of the late 90’s in which Richard Curtis brings together a much younger, long haired Hugh Grant and a famous yet modest Julia Roberts after she stumbles into his Travel Bookshop one afternoon.

This film is full of laughs and also has Ronan Keeting killing it on the soundtrack with ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ but for me the best part has to be William Thacker’s roomate Spike (Rhys Ifans) accidentally eating the mayonnaise, declaring ‘there’s something wrong with this yoghurt’ only to be informed that it is in fact mayonnaise. This doesn’t stop him from continuing to eat it though.


2 – Say a Little Prayer (My Best Friend’s Wedding, 1997)

I love the story of how Julia Roberts is in love with her best friend Dermot Mulroney, only realising it when it’s too late and he’s making preperations for his wedding to Cameron Diaz. This movie doesn’t fail to be rib-tickling and heatbreaking at the same time.

The highlight of this spectacular rom-com though is the scene in which a charming Rupert Everett encourages a sing-song of ‘Say a Little Prayer’ in the restaurant.



3 – Hugh Grant Busts a Move. (Love Actually, 2003)

Love Actually is the perfect film in so many ways. It’s the perfect Christmas film, the perfect break-up film, the perfect feel good film and it’s the film that taught us that ‘Love Actually is all around.’ It follows the story of 8 different couples – husbands and wives, stepfathers and stepsons, best friends and divorcees all just trying to get through the Christmas season.

My standout moment is Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister dancing around to ‘Jump’ in the privacy of Number 10. This is also my go-to clip on Youtube when I’m having a bad day.


4 – BIG MISTAKE! (Pretty Woman, 1990)

We’re going way back to the early 90’s now for this one. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in the modern day Cinderella in which the rich, successful buisiness man falls for the prostitute. Everyone turns to Pretty Woman for a good laugh and I think we all wanted to punch the shop assistant in the face when she tells Vivian that everything is ‘very expensive’ before telling her to leave the shop.

She got what was coming to her though when later on Vivian visits the shop again, only to inform the assistant that it was a ‘Big mistake’ not seeing to her. GO VIV!


5 – Pyjamas, Chardonnay and Fist Fights. (Bridget Jones’ Diary, 2001)

This modern day Pride & Prejudice tale of a 30-something spinster on a mission to find true love has had a place in the hearts of the world since it’s release. Before Jacob and Edward you were Team Cleaver or Team Darcy and one of my favourite movie moments comes in the form of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting in a London side street to the sound of Geri Halliwell’s cover of ‘It’s Raining Men’.



There are so many recognisable moments that Bridget Jones has blessed us with but we can’t forget to mention the iconic opening scene, making every singleton in the world feel a little less alone since 2001.


6 – This is a Two Man Job! (Bridget Jones’ Baby, 2016)

To finish off my top six I’ll bring you back to the present day. One dodgy sequel and fifteen years later Bridget returned to us again and this time she was having a baby. Once again, Bridget found herself caught in another love triangle in the form of our original Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and brand-spanking-new American billionaire Jack (Patrick Dempsey).

This film may be new but it had to make the list because it is in my opinion the funniest Bridget out of the three. I can’t remember the last time I heard a cinema audience laugh the way we did watching this film. A big scene-stealing shoutout has to go to our two potential fathers carrying a heavily pregnant Bridget to the hospital, getting stuck in the revolving doors and plonking her on the counter.



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