Pretty Little Goodbyes.

Grab the tissues PLL fans because the end is upon us. We all knew at some point we would have to bid farewell to our five favourite little liars but nothing could have emotionally prepared us for when the moment finally arrived. Are we ready for a world without Spencer’s brain? Hanna’s sarcasm? Aria’s quirkyness? And will Emily and Alison finally get together?!



Over the last couple of days Instagram has been graced with messages of love from cast and crew members, saying goodbye and basically thanking eachother for the memories.

In a heartfelt message to Troian Bellisario, Keegan Allen wrote:



If this isn’t just the cutest thing you have ever seen, check out Troian’s reply:



If that isn’t proof that Spoby are endgame then I don’t know what is.



If these beautiful thank you notes weren’t enough to leave our hearts aching for more Rosewood action we then got another message earlier today. In an instagram repost from Cosmopolitan the Pretty Little Liars account quoted from the lady herself, executive producer and showrunner of PLL Marlene King.

Caution: Read with a tissue at hand!



Why, Marlene?! Why?!


I think it’s safe to say PLL fans around the world are in mourning right now but don’t worry, the cast and crew may be saying goodbye to eachother but us lucky viewers still have 9 episodes left to enjoy when the final season returns for it’s second half in 2017.

See you soon, Bitches. – A.


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