Little Mix ‘Glory Days’ – Track by Track.

The time has finally arrived that Little Mix fans have been waiting for. Brand new songs and plenty of them! Over the past few weeks the group have been teasing us by releasing the odd song on iTunes and Spotify prior to the albums release and today we finally got to listen to the whole thing in all of its glory…days.

Here is my track-by-track review of the new album ‘Glory Days’.


Track 1 – ‘Shoutout to my Ex.’

A smashing comeback and track one on the list gets the album off to a great start but also sets the bar high for the rest of the record. This insanely catchy song takes bubblegum pop and relatability and creates a masterpiece. It really does set the standard for the rest of the album.

Standout lyric: “I guess I should say thank you for the ‘hate you’s’ and the tattoos, oh baby. I’m cool, by the way.”

Track 2 – ‘Touch.’

Meeting the criteria for chart music these days ‘Touch’ is almost definitely a dance track except it doesn’t give you a headache. Pop lovers will imagine themselves a sweaty mess, arms up high in a club chanting this repetative but catchy chourus.

Track 3 – ‘F.U.’

A song with 50’s High School Prom vibes all over it, it’s the story of a situation we’ve all been in (forgiving a loser even though we can do so much better.) The first and one of the few slow songs on the album, it feels like a prequel to ‘Shoutout to my Ex’ and girls everywhere will be singing this one into their shower heads for the rest of the year.

Standout lyric: “I’ll get my revenge, take my key to your Benz.”

Track 4 – ‘Oops’ (feat Charlie Puth)

After the success of ‘See you Again’ with Wiz Khalifa and ‘Marvin Gaye’ with Meghan Trainor it looks like Charlie Puth is making a name for himself when it comes to collaborations and I’m sure plenty more artists will want to get in on one with him after listening to this song. Of course it has Charlie Puth vibes all over it and it tells the typical story of a ‘no strings attached’ relationship which eventually turns into true love. Not only will you be singing this catchy chourus but you will be whistling this song for weeks to come.

Track 5 – ‘You Gotta Not.’

If the men of the world don’t already know that calling their Mum ‘Mummy’ or arguing with their girlfriend’s best friend is a turn off then they will now. This song is a list of all the things we don’t want in a man delivered in a pop package that you can’t help singing along to. YOU GOTTA NOT!

Standout lyric: “I don’t get payed to babysit no one. I’m out here lookin’ for the one to love.”

Track 6 – ‘Down & Dirty.’

The part of the album were the girls go from recently single ex-girlfriends to embracing single life and literally getting ‘Down & Dirty’. This song is a completely different sound to the first few songs on the album and is a strong and sexy dance track that doesn’t disappoint.

Standout lyric: “I’m bringing the fire so call me Daenerys.”

Track 7 – ‘Power.’

Following on from ‘Down & Dirty’ the Little Mix girls continue to tell the world how in control they are of their own feelings. “You’re the man but I’ve got the power,” they tell us in this Nicki Minaj style anthem.

Standout lyric: “Motorbike mortorbike motorbike bike bike.” (Just because.)

Track 8 – ‘Your Love.’

The second slow dance on the album, this song is for those who want to reminisce about those early days in their relationship. You will want to grab your fella this festive season and sing and dance along to this romantic hit.

Standout Lyric: “Luxurious lovin’ like Egyptian cotton. If I ain’t got nothin’, least I got you.”

Track 9 – ‘Nobody Like You.’

It’s ok to skip a song because it’s ruining your whole mood and this is the one it’s going to be. In the midst of a generally happy album a heartbreaker about being left alone is thrown right in when you least expect it and no one is going to judge you when you scoot right past this one. It’s also completely appropriate that the next song is called ‘No More Sad Songs’. I like to think that tells us that Little Mix themselves would also skip track 9.

Standout lyric: ‘Stong. A side of me you never found.’ (How dramatic.)

Track 10 – ‘No More Sad Songs.’

This is the only song on the album that could actually be classified as ‘sad’ in a real life way (unlike track 9 which is sad for the sake of being sad), describing the lengths we’ll go to just to take our mind off being heartbroken for a little bit. Although, you may not know what you’re saying when you’re singing along to this one as it’s sad undertone is disguised by it’s infectious melody.

Standout lyric: “For tonight I’m going to take my mind off it. Don’t care that someone’s got his hands all over my body.”

Track 11 – ‘Private Show.’

Everyone loves a song that embraces the sound of the trumpet and this is definitely one you can add to your ‘Down with the Trumpets’ playlist (we all have one, don’t lie.) The track is a cheeky mix of the Spice Girls and Britney in which the girls are inviting us home with them tonight. The final track in the ‘I’m single and I’m embracing every second of it’ section of the album.

Standout lyric: “I can’t help imagining all the things we’d do with no clothes on.”

Track 12 – ‘Nothing Else Matters.’

This is the only song on the whole album that reminds me of old school Little Mix. This is a great love song celebrating how ‘nothing else matters’. The perfect song for couples to dance to at the Christmas Party this year or you could even dedicate this one to your best mate.

Standout Lyric: “I don’t wanna fight, not tonight ’cause we’re having fun now.”

Track 13 – ‘Beep Beep.’

Following on from the Motorbike vibes in ‘Power’, the girls continue with the theme of vehicles and this time they’re stuck on the 202 and seeing how many naughty things they can sing about without actually saying anything explicit. This is a song that you will probably make up your own dance moves to with your friends and has a real Girls Aloud sound to it.

Standout Lyric: “All I wanna do is get ya hands up on my booty.”

Track 14 – ‘Freak.’

This is the song that you’re going to be belting out in the car and along with ‘Beep Beep’ it’s a fantastic ending to a great album. The girls sing with class and sass ending ‘Glory Days’ with a bang.

Standout lyric: “I’ve got two sides to me. The one you want your mother to meet and the one that’s a freak.”



‘Glory Days’ is available from Friday 18th November on iTunes and Spotify or you can pretend it’s 2007 and buy it from the shop.

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