The Truth About Being A Grown-Up!

When you’re a kid you look at ‘grown ups’ and think they must have it all figured out. Even when you got to secondary school you would look at sixth formers and think ‘wow, you’re so cool and mature.’ But let’s face it, even in our twenties we’re still waiting for that feeling of adulthood to kick in. 
I’ve come to the realisation that that feeling is never going to come and it doesn’t matter how old you get, being a grown up doesn’t make you feel any different. I look at 18 years olds now and I know they are feeling just as immature as I currently am in my twenties and I look at people in their thirties and know that they are no more grown-up than me. 

I remember I cried on my 20th birthday. I thought ‘This is it. The big life changing moment when I go from teenager to adult.’ I spent that whole year worrying whether I was adulting properly and looking at older colleagues for tips on being a grown up. Working with children is a difficult job as it is but it’s even more difficult when you don’t want to let on to the Year 6’s that you’ve only just turned into a grown-up yourself. 

I started to worry about the fact that I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was in Year 10 and that I should probably meet someone soon because that’s what everyone else seems to be doing and I don’t want to be the oldest mum at the school gate in 10 years time. Should I be engaged by now? I can’t afford to pay the mortgage but I’m 20 now and I have to!! 

It’s only now, a few months after entering the 3rd year of my twenties that I’ve realised I don’t need any of the above stress to be a successful adult. Over time I just stopped caring what people thought of me. I noticed that there are actually people out there who want to be in a grown-upping competition and think that because I work with children then I must be losing at being an adult. This is false. Being a young twenty-something working in childcare doesn’t mean I’m spending my days playing while the rest of the world are going to their desk jobs. Becoming a childcare practioner is hard work and child development is something I’m personally very passionate about. Children are our future grown-ups after all! 

In conclusion, being a successful adult is just making the most of and being grateful for what you have. I’m content with my life right now and although I don’t know what the future holds for me, I’m not worrying about it. I’ve come to realise that other people’s relationships don’t define how my life should be and instead of worrying that I’m alone I enjoy seeing other people’s happiness, their babies, their houses, their engagement rings (maybe I am jealous of that).

My goals for 2017 are constantly changing but ultimately I’m just happy with continuing with my own personal development and just smashing adulthood. 

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