Why Have One When You Can Have Two?: A Bi-Monthly Newsletter.


January is always the most difficult month in my opinion, as you’re filled with those post-Christmas blues and you feel like you don’t really have anything to look forward to. This year though, I managed to get through January in high spirits and filled the month with plenty of cinema trips and catch-ups with friends.

January’s Movies

On muk-0114-912819-fronty second week back in London I went out with some Au Pair friends to Concrete in Shoreditch. They hosted a Girls Aloud vs Little Mix themed club night and it was amazing. It was the ideal theme for me and it was also my first real night out in London since I arrived here 6 months ago. It was a great night with great friends. Concrete host loads of We Heart Pop and other themed nights every week. You can find all the details on their website .

January also brought a visit from my sister who drove down to London for the day. We did a whole bunch of sight seeing; Westminster and Buckingham Palace. We went for lunch at my second favourite London Nandos, Covent Garden (my first fave is London Bridge) before finishing the day with a visit to Jack and Brittany in Crouch End.


Also in January… The rest of the family found out at Phoebe’s Birthday that we’re going to see Robbie Williams this year, Kim Woodburn was a complete psycho on Celebrity Big Brother, I went on 2 Tinder dates and my host kids and I attempted to make a unicorn cheesecake.



February Movies


I started off February by catching up with another Au Pair friend. We started our day off at the Natural History museum before walking from South Kensington to Westminster. It
wasn’t a planned walk, so we basically just followed the London Eye and ended up walking through all the parks and seeing Buckingham Palace which just looks even more insane in the dark. We walked through Mayfair an took Polaroid pictures next to a hotel which was covered top to bottom in vines and posed next to red telephone boxes that were covered in porn and advertisements for call girls.

During February half term I planned lots of fun activities for my host kids. We went to the Natural History and Science Museums, London Zoo, Gambado, A trip to the cinema and an all day playdate with some of the boys friends. We also had lots of fun at home doing arts and crafts and playing in the garden. Our arts and crafts activities included making Valentines cards from the boys to Mummy and Daddy (because I’m the worlds cutest nanny.)val day cards

On the 9th February I added another movie premiere poster to my collection as it was the UK release of Fifty Shades Darker. As it was such a big event, the whole of Leicester Square was blocked off so I couldn’t get as close as usual. I did get to hear Jamie Dornan’s interview though and used the Radisson Blu’s WiFi to skype the whole thing to my mum.

fifty poster

I had a visit home in February as I needed my eyes testing. I was glad to find out that I was right about being blind after I’d spent the previous weeks looking at everything through a blurry haze. Going to Specsavers was also the best excuse to catch up with all of my old friends and every time I go into the store I’m overwhelmed with how everyone treats me like I’ve only been gone a week when it has in fact been about 4 years since I worked there. (Hopefully you’ll all read this and cry.)

When I go home I like to try and fit as many people into a day and a half as I can and this time I managed to see Lois, Mum, Olivia, Auntie P and even my Dad got 20 minutes in. I’m going to have to start printing off a parents evening-type form and giving everyone 10 minute slots in future.


Finally, on the 17th February I was invited to go to a London Fashion Week party with Brittany, Jack and Zoe. We had a ball at Century Club filling up on free drinks and hanging out with Mo from Big Brother 9 and Sandi from Gogglebox before heading into Soho. We sent my host parents selfies and Britt was just buzzing that someone off The Apprentice knows her name. We saw the same woman in 2 different pubs and tried to persuade her to move to the Wirral because she wanted to live by the beach. I lost my voice singing Irreplaceable walking through the tunnel at Finsbury Park and Britt gave everyone at the bus stop a performance when she was dancing to Prince in the street. Hands down the best night I’ve had since moving to London.


Also in February… The Walking Dead returned and I was just buzzing to have Negan back in my life, the presenters for Best Picture read out the wrong film at the Oscars and it was AMAZING and I took up running and I’m feeling FIT.



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