What Molly Knows: Being an Au Pair.

As I write this, I am sat on a sun lounger in Cyprus reminiscing over my Au Pair Year. A year that has been the most incredible, difficult, amazing, hardest and best year of my life.A job that I wanted to leave 3 weeks in but stayed until February. February came around and I stayed… Continue reading What Molly Knows: Being an Au Pair.

Why Have One When You Can Have Two?: A Bi-Monthly Newsletter.

January is always the most difficult month in my opinion, as you're filled with those post-Christmas blues and you feel like you don't really have anything to look forward to. This year though, I managed to get through January in high spirits and filled the month with plenty of cinema trips and catch-ups with friends. January's… Continue reading Why Have One When You Can Have Two?: A Bi-Monthly Newsletter.

The Miracle on Hacksaw Ridge

On April 1st 1942 Desmond Doss, along with many more young men, joined the military. He felt it was his duty to serve and protect his country and so he served as a combat medic. The only difference between Doss and his fellow soldiers was that he didn't believe in killing. Being raised as a… Continue reading The Miracle on Hacksaw Ridge

Overview: Passengers 

- Before continuing please bare in mind that this article contains spoilers! -  In the tail end of December 2016 we saw Passengers hit cinemas, the new Sci-Fi film from director Morten Tyldum.  From the trailer we see that there are two passengers aboard some sort of space craft who have, as we understand, woken up… Continue reading Overview: Passengers 

10 Great Movies Coming In 2017

2017 is finally upon us and as we wind down after Christmas, putting our festive cheer back in the loft with the decorations while simultaneously blowing the dust off that box containing the January blues, we find we have a lot to think about. On the 1st January you have already decided your New Years… Continue reading 10 Great Movies Coming In 2017