Pretty Little Goodbyes.

Grab the tissues PLL fans because the end is upon us. We all knew at some point we would have to bid farewell to our five favourite little liars but nothing could have emotionally prepared us for when the moment finally arrived. Are we ready for a world without Spencer's brain? Hanna's sarcasm? Aria's quirkyness?… Continue reading Pretty Little Goodbyes.

Top 6 Best Bits – Rom-Coms.

As a film fanatic it's difficult to choose a favourite genre because there's just so many good movies out there. I know that Titanic is my favourite film of all time, but that doesn't mean that I love Drama-Romance or True Events films more than any other genre. (Although, I do get butterflies when I… Continue reading Top 6 Best Bits – Rom-Coms.

AHS Season 6: What we’ve learned so far.

Last night saw the return of the much anticiptated sixth season of American Horror Story, and after months of waiting, we finally found out the theme for our new story. Here's what we learned from episode one of the new season. This year, it looks like AHS is focussing on the historical story of the… Continue reading AHS Season 6: What we’ve learned so far.

7 Reasons to Love American Horror Story.

American Horror Story has captured audiences since it started in 2011. It was a show that wasn't afraid to push boundaries and 5 years later it still leaves us asking 'Is there a line they won't cross?' Even if you haven't watched AHS - you will have definitely heard about the television show that just… Continue reading 7 Reasons to Love American Horror Story.

Keep your hand at the level of your eye.

This weekend feels like it's taken ages to arrive. I've really started to get into the swing of things being an Au Pair and after a long week I was ready to have a couple of days to really enjoy London (which I know I do a lot of anyway.) I could've had a proper… Continue reading Keep your hand at the level of your eye.

Computer Says ‘No’ – (My night at the GQ Awards)

As far as Au Pairing went on Tuesday, I took the boys to an indoor play area called Gambado, which is popular in the area. I met one of my Nanny friends while her boys and mine enjoyed their last day of freedom before returning to school. Tuesday also brought the GQ Men of the… Continue reading Computer Says ‘No’ – (My night at the GQ Awards)

I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan. (My second Monday in London.)

On Monday, it had been exactly a week since I arrived in London and I was ready to experience EVERYTHING... But I had limited funds. My initial plan was just to stay around Fulham for the week and chill out but that's not exactly how it went down. I started my day by walking the… Continue reading I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan. (My second Monday in London.)